Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Hank bolted out my back door this morning and is now running free.

That dog is such a runner! *sigh*

Note: Anyone reading this, if you want to adopt, please have a fenced yard.

He does have his bright orange collar on so he is identifiable. We also have his antics of escaping on the radio, the police are on high alert (giggle) and the Humane Society have been warned.

I sure hope someone does the right thing and captures him, calls us, so i can go pick his booty up. He is suppose to have shots tomorrow morning!!!

Is it just me or are male dogs dumber than females? In my opinion of what i have seen with male dogs, they are. Hank was just up in bed with me and maggie snuggling. And now he is off running in the cold instead of being here with food, water and warmth. That says DUMB all over it. LOL

Will update you on what happens later.


anabellpepper said...

Mine tries to bolt out the door every time it opens. I am right there with you on the DUMB. You would think a 3 mile run in the morning would be good and he would be more mellow. UGH. Hope they catch him soon!!