Sunday, November 16, 2008

Run #2 for Hank

He did so much better this time! It just melts my heart to see him having fun and running free.

We took Hank, Maggie, Dusty and Tucker out for their afternoon run before heading back into town to do a bit of errands. Hank loves to warm our seats. I tell ya, if you don't have electric seat warmers in your vehicle, a dog is the next best thing!

Maggie and Hank are both the leaders in seat warming. Although we found Hank will just sit with Dusty and share a seat with her too. *bonus warmth*

Here are a few photos of the dogs out on their run today.

One Happy Dog

Running Free and having a blast playing with Maggie

Settling down and taking a good sniff.
Just being a good dog.


anabellpepper said...

What great photos!! Looks like they had an awesome time out there!!