Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Theia update.

Theia has been spayed and Cindy is taking her home to her house to recoup. Our Cat Dasher is such a bully that I was scared for her being here. She is such a sweet thing and doesn't fight back to defend herself.

Thank you to Cindy for helping me with Theia.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

little update.

STill looking for a home for Theia.
She is such a sweetie, I am so surprised we haven't found a home for her yet.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

ut oh...

I can't stop sneezing!
I have 2 other cats, but they have short hair. Theia has long hair and I'm afraid it's getting to me. I have never had allergies to animals before so I am not sure if it's the new cat or if it's just the weather, but it sure did start last night. *eeekk*

Monday, December 8, 2008

Checking the Pound

Kelsey and I went and checked the pound tonight for animals.

There weren't any dogs available , but we did notice a beautiful cat.

Found out the cat has been there since November 19 , and was dropped off in a box.

Kelsey and I are such softies...

Off to find this beauty a home!
We names her Theia- meaning to blossom.

Owners Found!

Buddy is actually SAM.

Sams owners are out of town and the daughter has been looking for him. They were reunited last night. That dog was so excited to go home! It was a cute reunion.

Bye Sammy... be a good boy, ya big moose!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Buddy and his tennis ball

Had to get him a ball today! He loves them!!

Buddy goes for a run!

Took Buddy out with the other dogs. He had fun, but is in no shape to keep up with the other dogs. I also believe with his eyes, he felt the need to stay close. He had a wonderful time today.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Foster Pet #3 Buddy Boy

Meet Buddy.

He is our newest resident.

He is 1 year old, says the vet, but I think he is older. He was found by a local couple and turned into the Humane Society so that we could find his owner. He had a vet check today and will remain with us till the owners are found. If the owners don't claim him in 7 days, we will put Buddy up for Adoption.

He was just recently neutered and unfortunately he has a build up of cholesterol on the eyes. He really is a sweet heart though. Maggie loves playing with him. Tucker who I am positive now is just a wee bit too happy to have other male dogs in the house, loves him ... literally.

He hasn't tried to get up on the furniture, and isn't too fond of being put on the leash, but once on he is ok. He is a vocal boy who when first arrived declared he wasn't to fond of this house. That maybe outside would be more fun, over and over and over. But he has settled down after an hour or so. If you talk to him he talks back to ya. It's pretty cute.

I really feel we will find this dogs owners and he will be reunited. He is just to well taken care of.

10 pm phone call.

Recieved a call last night from the Humane Society.

A dog had been found, the people are renting and can't have a dog, have no food for it, looks like it's been hurt.

Can I go assess the situation and handle it?

I go and take a bucket of food for the dog. Kelsey goes with me. Oh it's also like 5 degrees out.

We show up , and it is a beautiful Male Golden Retriever that has been recently neutered. Still had stitches, and that patch shaved on his paw was for the iv.

They agree to keep him and take him to vet first thing this morning.

I have to go in and talk to them at 8ish about him, but we are sure the vet will know who he belongs too. Which is a good thing because that is one dog i would keep for sure! He was absolutely gorgeous and friendly and loving. My perfect dog in my eyes.

I love this community and the way it takes care of it's animals, it's like a well oiled machine.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Hank gets Adopted!

Congratulation to Ed and Renee for becoming the new owners of our sweet Hanky poo!

He will be missed around here. He really was starting to bond with me and I was able to finally anticipate his way of sitting on my feet and leaning against me without falling over. *giggle*

Hank was an early Christmas gift from Renee to Ed. They came over today and took Hank for a visit to get some time with him. Soon as they returned , they were hooked.

Hank is the only animal in their house so I know he will be spoiled! I even hear he gets to go hunting and fishing and a few road trips are planned!

We wish Renee and Ed all the best with their new family member. They got one hell of a good dog.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

The dogs just love any day we have a bird for dinner. It's their favorite food. They also know we share generously.

Here is Maggie eyeing the turkey, which she eventually got some, but thought it was cute.

And here is all the big dogs waiting for their turn as Earl dished out the neck and giblets.

Everyone got their share, and believe it or not they even loved my carrots!

Hope you all had a very nice Thanksgiving! I'm pretty sure Hank likes it here , especially on bird night.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Scardy Dogs

They do not like the vacuum. So they run up the stairs and wait it out. Thought they looked so pathetically cute I had to grab a picture.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Congratulations Missy and Lisa!!!

Missy was the belle of the day yesterday. She had several ladies wanting to take her home.
It was an extremely hard decision for us when it came to picking who would get to take her.
Both offered loving homes. This is the hard part for me. As happy as I am to find Missy a wonderful new life, home and companion, there is still that one person I wasn't able to make happy. I would of loved to be on the look for that perfect pet for the other couple. There are so many dogs out there that need a good home.

What was the deal clincher for me? The grand kids that came to meet Missy. They were so respectful of Missy and of the other dogs in the house. I figured If they had that much respect and love towards animals, I knew they were being raised by loving people. Kids + Dogs = melt my heart.

Missy will be leaving us tonight to go to her new home out in Little Fork with lots of land to run around on.

I also heard there was a shopping spree already for Miss Missy and she has a new bed, new collar, all the treats and food to make her welcome to her new home a real treat.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

He's back!!!

Romped all over town and even stopped at Cindys house today. But finally ended up back at his original home where his owners surrendered him. So Cindy picked him up and brought him back to us! I'm so happy for him!!! He gets to get his shots tomorrow and then can go to a new better home!


Hank bolted out my back door this morning and is now running free.

That dog is such a runner! *sigh*

Note: Anyone reading this, if you want to adopt, please have a fenced yard.

He does have his bright orange collar on so he is identifiable. We also have his antics of escaping on the radio, the police are on high alert (giggle) and the Humane Society have been warned.

I sure hope someone does the right thing and captures him, calls us, so i can go pick his booty up. He is suppose to have shots tomorrow morning!!!

Is it just me or are male dogs dumber than females? In my opinion of what i have seen with male dogs, they are. Hank was just up in bed with me and maggie snuggling. And now he is off running in the cold instead of being here with food, water and warmth. That says DUMB all over it. LOL

Will update you on what happens later.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Run #2 for Hank

He did so much better this time! It just melts my heart to see him having fun and running free.

We took Hank, Maggie, Dusty and Tucker out for their afternoon run before heading back into town to do a bit of errands. Hank loves to warm our seats. I tell ya, if you don't have electric seat warmers in your vehicle, a dog is the next best thing!

Maggie and Hank are both the leaders in seat warming. Although we found Hank will just sit with Dusty and share a seat with her too. *bonus warmth*

Here are a few photos of the dogs out on their run today.

One Happy Dog

Running Free and having a blast playing with Maggie

Settling down and taking a good sniff.
Just being a good dog.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Saying goodbye to Fall

It didn't seem to last long this year. From hot weather to cold in a matter of weeks. We are already seeing snow on the ground and tempatures aren't rising. Looks like winter has settled in and will be here for the next 6 months.

I wanted to share some of my favorite photos I took this fall. I truly love living here in Gods country. 5 min from my house and I am out of our town and into this beautiful country side.

All photos were taken by me.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Hank + Dusty = Forever?

Tonight my dad got home from work and his dog, Dusty, came home with him. When Hank met dusty for the first time. It was love at first sight, for Hank anyways. Dusty is a preeminent and superior dog, she's the oldest dog of our family and she is, when she's home, the prevalent ruler of the dogs, but she doesn't overdo her power. She's one of a kind and we love her. Hank is the mellow, sweet, and incredibly loving dog, and he was totally in love with her. They're complete opposites, which means they're made for each other . . . right?

During dinner he was staring at her, giving her a few smooches on the cheek and he was being very regal. He would not let Dusty out of his sight. It was very funny. I couldn't stop laughing. Dusty was just lying next her dad and letting Hank be smitten with her. She didn't mind it, it seemed. It's now after dinner and Hank is following Dusty around, not going anywhere where she isn't and it is one of the funniest things I've ever seen. Hank is embarrassing himself, I can just imagine the doggie language Tucker is telepathically saying to Hank . . .

Will it last? We shall see . . .

Stay tuned--


Maggie -give a dog ...

ANYTHING to eat while she is outside and she will bury it! It's pretty funny to think, she will eat anything in one gulp is allowed while in the house but outside, she won't eat a thing and insists on saving it for later.

How much later...

Not much. Tucker goes out after her and digs it up. HA-HA-HA!!!

Hank goes for a run

Today I took the dogs running back at our old land mil area. It's a perfect place for dogs to be dogs and just run free. We have trained our dogs on a certain route that takes them for a good 3 mile run. Today, Hank got to go with us. At first he didn't know what to do with himself, but soon he figured out how to just go with the flow and follow Maggie and Tucker. Missy didn't get to go with us today because she is still young and I don't trust her to run free and come back. Hank did beautifully! He was so fast and you could just see the joy coming from every part of his body as he ran next to our van with Maggie. He is as fast as Maggie and both had us trotting down the road at almost 30mph! A few pit stops at little drinking holes a bit more playing in the big grassy area with Maggie and then back in the van. He was PERFECT!

Cindy already told me she was worried i would want to adopt and keep Hank. ha-ha No. As much as I love this good dog, he needs a bigger home, more space than I have and is really a mans dog. I wouldn't put it past Hank to enjoy beer. LOL Plus I only have room in my bed for Maggie.

I am just honored to have met Hank, and look forward to knowing he will be put in a very loving home for the rest of his years. He deserves it.

Routine Potty Turns

So I woke up this morning with my mom letting all the dogs in the room with me and Tucker. Tucker gets really excited because that means I'd wake up and let him out to go potty. Hank climbed up on the bed next to me and was being a sweetie and not romping all over me like somebody else (Missy!). Then our cat, Dasher, comes in and is walking over my bed which makes some dogs nervous. So of course now I'm wide awake. My mom decides to go back to bed for a little while and I put Maggie in her room.

I head downstairs, carefully not to fall over from all three dogs going down our narrow steps at once and go to the back door to let Tucker go out.

So I'm waiting and Hank doesn't like Tucker out because he has this weird phobia for letting other dogs out and it bothers him so he starts whining and Missy is just dancing around and getting in the way like the Happy-Go-Lucky dog she is. Apparently they both want out now.

I call for Tucker, but, like always, he's wrapped up the lead somewhere, so I have to go outside in the wet slush from the melted snow in bedhead and untangle Tucker, and then I let Hank out, and he tangles up also, so I untangle him and put Missy out and she TANGLES up too! So I get my crocks on again and head outside to untangle her and let her in side and they are all just dancing around the back door, happy, Tucker smirking, Hank being his mellow self, and Missy pasted a smile on herself.

And this was all within 15 minutes of me waking up . . .


Thursday, November 13, 2008


Everyone was pretty settled last night with the sleeping arrangements. Still trying to find their spots here in the house.

Missy took her couch. Hank took the dog bed.
Our other dogs took their rightful spots.

woke up in the middle of the night and did a potty break for all.

All was well, and they settled back down for the rest of the night.

Then it was time to wake up.

As I was laying there so snug and tight in my nice sleep number bed, warm and cozy, having pleasant dreams all of a sudden WAP WAP WAP!!! right on my butt! I was being SPANKED awake!!!

I couldn't do anything but giggle at it all, the simple motion of it, that had such an impact on my morning wake up! No it wasn't one of those dreams... It was HANK!!! Hank and his big floppy ears being shook while laying next to me in bed!

I would say, yes this is not the most pleasant of ways to start the morning, but it sure did give me a giggle to say the least!!!

Silly dog, bet he doesn't even know he was into that sort of thing!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

3 Babies torn to shreds in one night!

Yep, a good game of tug of war was on and all 4 dogs were in on it. It had us all in a fit of giggles for well over an hour!

Thank god I buy my dog toys at the dollar store! Fluff was everywhere!

Quick clean up and new babies (I buy in bulk) were tossed out for all to enjoy. But those aren't fun... No.. they are too new. Games were over and they all crashed on the living room floor. Dog carpets each of them.

Love it!

Foster Pet # 2 (Missy)

We checked out the pound and this little lady was very timid, and scared half to death to be in "Doggy Jail". We couldn't let her stay there, as she is what I perceive as grade A adoptable material. Soon as she was in the van she started feeling better and releasing some of her anxiety. Now she home with us for the last 24 hours and is showing her true nature. I call it... Sieze the Day and Play it away!! She is a funaholic!! *giggle* This dog loves to play play play and then play some more. Still very young and has many a manner to learn, like no, sit and stay. But she is quick and easy to fall in love with. Happy go lucky gal with life at her paws!

Meet Missy--

Fetch? did someone say fetch? No? can i fetch it anyway and chew on it? got a pen? a toy? a .. a .. A BALL?!?!?! yeah yeah yeah!!! yes give me a ball to play with !!!

Is that bed for me? no? it's your bed? Oh well, what's yours is mine! let me snuggle you, no.. not your feet, let me love you and kiss you and snuggle you... ahhh this is the LIFE!!!

Princess Missy now announcing... I like long walks by the water, I enjoy soft couches, kids with toys, and fuzzy blankets to roll in.

I am turned off by loud noises, people who raise thier hands at me and anything that looks like you might want to hit me with it.

I may be a blond chick but I have the memory of an elephant. I remember the bad, but it hasn't spoiled my attitude if your a loving person.

I don't mind children as long as they aren't toddlers, I need some respect from everyone I live with, and will give it in return.

Plan on having a full life with me, because I am only a year old! young, strong and willing to walk you to the bathroom every chance i get! OH and follow you to the kitchen the bedroom, the closet, outside, inside, everywhere you go, you can trust me to "have your back"

Ciao !!!

Missy is scheduled to be spayed on Dec 5th 2008. She will be available soon for adoption.

Foster Pet #1 (Hank)

Our first of hopefully many dogs.

They call me Hank. I am a good old boy dog that is still able to sire those young pups. I enjoy a nice comfortable dog bed over any couch. Cat food is a delicacy I try to take advantage of even if you put it up high. I have a few tricks up my sleeve like sit, stay and up. And if you say no I know what that means and go away happily wagging my tail to tell ya, ”Ok you caught me” with a bit of a shrug.I am also pretty skilled at drinking out of the toilet with the lid down. Yep! I know how to use my nose to lift, drink and let the lid quietly close again.

I have very soft ears and they say I have sweet lips at this home. I think that means that my lips are sort of big and when I drink it leaves a nice watery trail. Of course the fun part is drinking and then shaking my head back and forth. I get the most reaction of excitement from these humans when I do that! I’m pretty sure they like it!

Cats and other dogs don’t even faze me, and the teenagers at this home want me to play with “babies” but I can do without the toys. I’m a pretty healthy dog for around 4 or 5 years old. I have a bit of white on my muzzle, Just enough to show some character for my years.

Hank is due to be neutered on Dec 5th 2008.