Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Foster Pet # 2 (Missy)

We checked out the pound and this little lady was very timid, and scared half to death to be in "Doggy Jail". We couldn't let her stay there, as she is what I perceive as grade A adoptable material. Soon as she was in the van she started feeling better and releasing some of her anxiety. Now she home with us for the last 24 hours and is showing her true nature. I call it... Sieze the Day and Play it away!! She is a funaholic!! *giggle* This dog loves to play play play and then play some more. Still very young and has many a manner to learn, like no, sit and stay. But she is quick and easy to fall in love with. Happy go lucky gal with life at her paws!

Meet Missy--

Fetch? did someone say fetch? No? can i fetch it anyway and chew on it? got a pen? a toy? a .. a .. A BALL?!?!?! yeah yeah yeah!!! yes give me a ball to play with !!!

Is that bed for me? no? it's your bed? Oh well, what's yours is mine! let me snuggle you, no.. not your feet, let me love you and kiss you and snuggle you... ahhh this is the LIFE!!!

Princess Missy now announcing... I like long walks by the water, I enjoy soft couches, kids with toys, and fuzzy blankets to roll in.

I am turned off by loud noises, people who raise thier hands at me and anything that looks like you might want to hit me with it.

I may be a blond chick but I have the memory of an elephant. I remember the bad, but it hasn't spoiled my attitude if your a loving person.

I don't mind children as long as they aren't toddlers, I need some respect from everyone I live with, and will give it in return.

Plan on having a full life with me, because I am only a year old! young, strong and willing to walk you to the bathroom every chance i get! OH and follow you to the kitchen the bedroom, the closet, outside, inside, everywhere you go, you can trust me to "have your back"

Ciao !!!

Missy is scheduled to be spayed on Dec 5th 2008. She will be available soon for adoption.


Jenn said...

she's adorable!

anabellpepper said...

What a beauty she is!! I don't know how you are going to bring these wonderful creatures in and then give them away again!!

Great photos of her!!