Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Foster Pet #1 (Hank)

Our first of hopefully many dogs.

They call me Hank. I am a good old boy dog that is still able to sire those young pups. I enjoy a nice comfortable dog bed over any couch. Cat food is a delicacy I try to take advantage of even if you put it up high. I have a few tricks up my sleeve like sit, stay and up. And if you say no I know what that means and go away happily wagging my tail to tell ya, ”Ok you caught me” with a bit of a shrug.I am also pretty skilled at drinking out of the toilet with the lid down. Yep! I know how to use my nose to lift, drink and let the lid quietly close again.

I have very soft ears and they say I have sweet lips at this home. I think that means that my lips are sort of big and when I drink it leaves a nice watery trail. Of course the fun part is drinking and then shaking my head back and forth. I get the most reaction of excitement from these humans when I do that! I’m pretty sure they like it!

Cats and other dogs don’t even faze me, and the teenagers at this home want me to play with “babies” but I can do without the toys. I’m a pretty healthy dog for around 4 or 5 years old. I have a bit of white on my muzzle, Just enough to show some character for my years.

Hank is due to be neutered on Dec 5th 2008.


Jenn said...

awww, he's adorable!

anabellpepper said...

What a handsome man you got!! He is definately one I would take home in a heartbeat if I lived closer!!