Friday, November 14, 2008

Hank goes for a run

Today I took the dogs running back at our old land mil area. It's a perfect place for dogs to be dogs and just run free. We have trained our dogs on a certain route that takes them for a good 3 mile run. Today, Hank got to go with us. At first he didn't know what to do with himself, but soon he figured out how to just go with the flow and follow Maggie and Tucker. Missy didn't get to go with us today because she is still young and I don't trust her to run free and come back. Hank did beautifully! He was so fast and you could just see the joy coming from every part of his body as he ran next to our van with Maggie. He is as fast as Maggie and both had us trotting down the road at almost 30mph! A few pit stops at little drinking holes a bit more playing in the big grassy area with Maggie and then back in the van. He was PERFECT!

Cindy already told me she was worried i would want to adopt and keep Hank. ha-ha No. As much as I love this good dog, he needs a bigger home, more space than I have and is really a mans dog. I wouldn't put it past Hank to enjoy beer. LOL Plus I only have room in my bed for Maggie.

I am just honored to have met Hank, and look forward to knowing he will be put in a very loving home for the rest of his years. He deserves it.