Friday, November 14, 2008

Routine Potty Turns

So I woke up this morning with my mom letting all the dogs in the room with me and Tucker. Tucker gets really excited because that means I'd wake up and let him out to go potty. Hank climbed up on the bed next to me and was being a sweetie and not romping all over me like somebody else (Missy!). Then our cat, Dasher, comes in and is walking over my bed which makes some dogs nervous. So of course now I'm wide awake. My mom decides to go back to bed for a little while and I put Maggie in her room.

I head downstairs, carefully not to fall over from all three dogs going down our narrow steps at once and go to the back door to let Tucker go out.

So I'm waiting and Hank doesn't like Tucker out because he has this weird phobia for letting other dogs out and it bothers him so he starts whining and Missy is just dancing around and getting in the way like the Happy-Go-Lucky dog she is. Apparently they both want out now.

I call for Tucker, but, like always, he's wrapped up the lead somewhere, so I have to go outside in the wet slush from the melted snow in bedhead and untangle Tucker, and then I let Hank out, and he tangles up also, so I untangle him and put Missy out and she TANGLES up too! So I get my crocks on again and head outside to untangle her and let her in side and they are all just dancing around the back door, happy, Tucker smirking, Hank being his mellow self, and Missy pasted a smile on herself.

And this was all within 15 minutes of me waking up . . .