Friday, December 5, 2008

Foster Pet #3 Buddy Boy

Meet Buddy.

He is our newest resident.

He is 1 year old, says the vet, but I think he is older. He was found by a local couple and turned into the Humane Society so that we could find his owner. He had a vet check today and will remain with us till the owners are found. If the owners don't claim him in 7 days, we will put Buddy up for Adoption.

He was just recently neutered and unfortunately he has a build up of cholesterol on the eyes. He really is a sweet heart though. Maggie loves playing with him. Tucker who I am positive now is just a wee bit too happy to have other male dogs in the house, loves him ... literally.

He hasn't tried to get up on the furniture, and isn't too fond of being put on the leash, but once on he is ok. He is a vocal boy who when first arrived declared he wasn't to fond of this house. That maybe outside would be more fun, over and over and over. But he has settled down after an hour or so. If you talk to him he talks back to ya. It's pretty cute.

I really feel we will find this dogs owners and he will be reunited. He is just to well taken care of.


NICOLE said...

aw, he's adorable! Love when my dogs talk to me :)