Friday, December 5, 2008

10 pm phone call.

Recieved a call last night from the Humane Society.

A dog had been found, the people are renting and can't have a dog, have no food for it, looks like it's been hurt.

Can I go assess the situation and handle it?

I go and take a bucket of food for the dog. Kelsey goes with me. Oh it's also like 5 degrees out.

We show up , and it is a beautiful Male Golden Retriever that has been recently neutered. Still had stitches, and that patch shaved on his paw was for the iv.

They agree to keep him and take him to vet first thing this morning.

I have to go in and talk to them at 8ish about him, but we are sure the vet will know who he belongs too. Which is a good thing because that is one dog i would keep for sure! He was absolutely gorgeous and friendly and loving. My perfect dog in my eyes.

I love this community and the way it takes care of it's animals, it's like a well oiled machine.